Probiotics For Dogs

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Natural Probiotics Chews For Dogs

Help your doggy support proper digestion and ease sensitive stomach issues with dog probiotics treats.

With digestive treats, packed with enzymes, probiotic and prebiotic along with fiber, there chewable treats makes for the perfect digestion support supplement for everyday use.

    Natural Benefits

    These natural chewables, when used regularly will help:

    ✔ Ease dog upset stomach;
    ✔ Dog gas remedy;
    ✔ Anti diarrhea meds;
    ✔ Support digestion;
    ✔ Coprophagia treatment for dogs;
    ✔ Improve appetite;
    ✔ Defend against food allergies;
    ✔ Boost immune.

    What our customers say about Probiotics For Dogs


    Solved my dogs recurring diarrhea

    My dog was getting diarrhea every couple months, almost like clockwork. Since using this product he no longer gets it. He will still get loose stool, but this has kept it from going full blown diarrhea.

    Jeremy Morris

    Portland, Oregon


    This stuff really works

    There has not been a single shit-storm in my backyard since I started giving my corgis probiotics. I highly recommend this product if your dogs behave like Hoover vacuums on their walks. Particularly when dealing with breeds who are low to the ground, it is sometimes difficult to see what they are getting into. Probiotics really take the worry out of the situation.

    Lysanne Thompson

    Richmond, Virginia


    It's working! Pleased so far.

    My poor 13 year old cat has stomatitis and it affects his entire digestive system. I've tried several other probiotics and enzymes that cost a lot more but they didn't do much to help his problem. Within 2 weeks this supplement has helped him have normal poops and not yucky ones. He's eating better, which can be a problem with stomatitis as it affects the throat and mouth too. Pleased.

    Alex Adonis 

    Savannah, Georgia


    Good product

    My dog eats a raw diet and probiotics help digestion. His tummy doesn’t growl or gurgle, good indication of them working.

    Neha Warrior

    Odessa, Texas


    My dog absolutely loves these,very tasty for a very picky eater.

    My,Molly loves these she has a very sensitive stomach and I've seen a big difference in her appitite after a very short time after taking this product and better yet she loves these better than anything and being a super picky eater is a great plus, I don't have to dread or force her to take them.

    Anthony Thiel

    Knoxville, Tennessee

    Made in USA
    Great Value

    Dogs are more than man’s best friend. They’re with us when we need them most, brringing a smile to our faces. So when it comes to caring for them, it’s only natural that we want only the best.

    ✔ Probiotics
    ✔ Prebiotics
    ✔ Enzyme

    Allergy Relief and Immunity Boost

    By supporting healthy digestion, these probiotics for dogs chewable supplements help your pets take control of food allergies, that may manifest in skin conditions as well. Plus healthy digestion leads to strong immune.

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