Our Story
Strella’s Values

✔ We love our pets like family
✔ We want our pets and yours to always feel their very best
✔ We support you every way we can as you care for your pet
✔ We believe in the finest ingredients tested to work and formulated for convenient use

How We Got Our Start

We founded Strella Labs for the love of our pets. One of the best ways to show love is giving our pets a healthy life. That means plenty of exercise, a nourishing, nutrient-rich diet, and unlimited affection.

Yet some pets need a little extra. Differences in breeds, backgrounds, and situations can create specific issues. We started our company to provide that extra support in supplements and solid advice around solutions to pet problems like joint pain, skin and coat issues, allergies, and digestive upset.

What Makes STRELLALAB Unique


To bring the the best ingredients in the most ideal formulation to empower pet parents in ensuring that pets feel their very best.


Helping pets feel their very best so that they are happy and their pet parents are happy.

Why We Love What We Do

It’s really simple. We love dogs, and we appreciate all the many things they do to brighten up
our days. Helping our customers provide better care for their dogs is our way of saying thank
you to all the dogs who’ve made us smile. They do so much for us, it’s our turn to give back to

Strella Labs Brand Promise

At Strella Labs, we don't stop until your pet feels their very best. As pet parents ourselves, we are single-minded—dogged even—in finding solutions to pet problems like joint pain, skin and coat issues, allergies, and digestive upset. Because when they hurt, we hurt and when they aren't happy, we aren't happy. We stay in close touch with you as you care for your pet, so you always have a say in every therapy we create.

Why it works

We don’t formulate our supplements in a vacuum. They work as one part of an integrated approach to your pet’s health that is also part diet, part environment, and part activity. And supplements have to fit your specific pet, breed and situation. We strive to right any imbalances, prevent unintended interactions, target specific issues, and provide solutions in the right form factor and dose.

StrellaLab - More Than Supplements

Mobility Support


Allergy & Immunity


Digestive Support


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