No Chew Bitter Spray

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We love dogs and we are committed to making the best products for them, making sure they love them. But we made one product dogs hate - our No Chew Bitter Spray.

Our formula is non-toxic, has no stinging chemicals, and is alcohol-free, so it works as it dries and is safe for pets and humans around.

Consistent use of no chew spray, along with training and positive reinforcement will make your pet abandon this habit, and learn to chew only on objects that are allowed.

Discourage Chewing, Biting and Licking

With unappealing taste bitter no chew deterrant will make sure your pet will not touch your furniture, house plants, power cords, shoes, basically anything that you have used the spray on.

Skin Safe, Alcohol Free

Antichew spray can be used on pet's skin and fur to stop from licking, itching and biting of wounds, bandages, paws, itch, hotspots and other irritations. Do not spray around pet's nose and eyes.

Approved for Puppy Training

Ultra-bitter sprays can be used to train young puppies and kittens from undesirable habits. Suitable for use for all breeds, all sizes and age. Can be used for dogs, cats, horses and farm animals.

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