Probiotics Powder for Cats and Dogs

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Natural Probiotics Powder for Pets

Help your pet support healthy digestion and ease sensitive stomach issues with Probiotic Powder for Cats and Dogs.

With pet probiotic, packed with enzymes, probiotic and prebiotic along with healthy fiber, this treat makes for the perfect digestion support supplement for everyday use.

These prebiotic and probiotic powder is Made in USA, following strict quality standards, with all natural component for best possible product, to ensure the wellness of your pet from paw and tail to nose and ears.

Natural Benefits

These natural supplement, when used regularly will help:

✔ Ease upset stomach;
✔ Pet gas remedy;
✔ Anti diarrhea meds;
✔ Support health digestion;
✔ Coprophagia treatment for dogs and cats;
✔ Cuts Litterbox Smell;
✔ Improve appetite;
✔ Defend against food allergies;
✔ Boost immune.

What our customers say about Probiotics Powder


Helps my daughter's kitty

My daughter's cat has digestion problems. He is already taking an acid refluxmedication and is on a special diet, but still had some vomiting and diarrhea. This probiotic powder has stopped almost all of his vomiting and diarrhea, and he loves it. He's starting to look healthier too.

Zoe Gray

Newport News, Virginia


It's working! Pleased so far.

My poor 13 year old cat has stomatitis and it affects his entire digestive system. I've tried several other probiotics and enzymes that cost a lot more but they didn't do much to help his problem. Within 2 weeks this supplement has helped him have normal poops and not yucky ones. He's eating better, which can be a problem with stomatitis as it affects the throat and mouth too. Pleased.

Doug Shanahan

Orlando, Florida


Back to healthy and they ate it!

Three kitties recovering from Giardia needed extra help getting tummies healthy again. The prescription medicine was rough on them but this product was easy to give and settled tummies. We use it for our pup now too as a preventative for all the critters.

Lakshmi Mehan

Paterson, New Jersey


Finicky cat liked it.

Helped get our cat's digestive track back to normal. He didn't like the food he had to go on, but liked it much better (and ate it) after sprinkling on the Probiotic powder.

Philip Murphy

Rochester, Minnesota



I'm a return customer and purchased this for yet another set of tiny foster kittens and it's helped perk them up and settle their tiny tummies.A bit added to their bottles is almost a miracle. My vet recommended it for them, too.

Chinyere Adewura

Mobile, Alabama

Made in USA
Great Value

Dogs are more than man’s best friend. They’re with us when we need them most, brringing a smile to our faces. So when it comes to caring for them, it’s only natural that we want only the best.

Probiotics - 10.26 billion CFU
Papaya - 2.5 million PU
A-Amylase - 228000 SKBU
Lipase - 23940 LU

Formulated for Cats and Dogs

All Breeds, Sizes and Age - this advanced probiotic nutritional supplement is suitable for cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes, as well as all ages from kitten and puppy to senior pet. Veterinary recommended.

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