Calming Chews (120 pcs) bacon

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One Chew to Calm Them All - whether your best friend is small yorkie or large retriever, these chewable treats would be effective to the maximum, providing an extra bit of composure and calmness during stressful events like fireworks, thunderstorms, travel, car rides, vet visits etc.

Effective Stress and Anxiety Relief - hemp chews for dogs are created to ease anxious behavior such as growling, barking, scratching, chewing, licking, uncontrolled urination etc.

Moderate Aggressive and Hyperactive Behavior - chewies advanced formula takes advantage of herb extracts and oils to chill stressed dogs, relax hyper active ones and reduce aggression.

Zero Side Effects: This anti anxiety dog treatment contains 120 soft chews, made with premium quality, all-natural and safe ingredients. No chemical relaxants or sedatives are used. Easy to serve treats, no hassle with pills, capsules or powder.

Mild Formula - hemp dog treats for calming and sleep aid come with natural bacon flavoring making sure your canine friend will love them. Suitable for adult dogs and puppies of all breeds. *Please, refer to the serving chart to adjust a daily dose.

โœ” Aggressive Behavior & Barking โœ” Anxiety Relife & Separation Aid โœ” Calms Hyperactive Behavior โœ” Lowers Stress Levels

Recommended servings:

Up to 20lb - 1 chew

21-40lbs -2 chews

41-60lbs - 3 chews

Over 60lbs - 4 chews

Hemp Seed Oil and Powder, Valerian Root Powder, Chamomile, Thiamine, Passion Flower, L-Tryptophan, Ginger, Melatonin



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Dogs are more than manโ€™s best friend. Theyโ€™re with us when we need them most, brringing a smile to our faces. So when it comes to caring for them, itโ€™s only natural that we want only the best.

We launched StrellaLab to help our customers care for their dogs that bring them so much joy.

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